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Feasibility and Demand

The first critical step for the development of most parking facilities is evaluating the economic feasibility of the proposed project. The Car Park has assisted many clients with reviewing current and future parking demand related to the client’s specific project. After determining these projections, we are able to build an economic model to determine the project feasibility prior to initiating design.


Parking Facility Design

The Car Park has also worked with several teams to deliver a complete design/build solution for our clients. This service includes every facet of the process from development of the initial facility design to providing the equipment and graphics of the facility. The Car Park has also provided creative and innovative solutions to meet the financial needs of individual clients.


Valet and Special Event Parking

The success of a special event can often relate to the successful management of the parking serving the event.  Our experienced valet and special events management team will provide a complete evaluation of the property on which the event will be held and design a custom parking layout and solution to ensure that traffic flows smoothly and staffing levels are correct.

Save Money

We have exclusive deals with parking lot owners, so you can save up to 50% off posted prices. Mathematically speaking, that’s half.

Save Time

The average driver spends 15 minutes looking for a parking spot. Using Spothero is fast and easy, so you get those 15 minutes back …to practice your scissor kicks, obviously.

Save Nerves

We do everything we can to keep you happy before, during, and after your car is parked. And if you need help or something goes wrong, we have a team of Customer Service Heroes, ready to assist.

No Parking Tickets

Our drivers love being able to park without the fear of traffic wardens and parking tickets. A parking ticket is issued every 4 seconds in the UK – that’s a lot of money and stress saved.

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